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FCT PhD Fellowships 2019

Ref: IA2019-07-BD-FCT

The Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) has opened a call for PhD fellowships, from 28th of February to 28th of March 2019. The positions are for up to 4 years (tuition fees are covered). The selection is done by FCT.

The Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (IA) welcomes pre-applications until March 18th 22nd. Selected candidates will be supported by IA.

The Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço (IA) is the most prominent research unit in the field of Astrophysics in Portugal, integrating researchers form the Universidade do Porto and the Universidade de Lisboa, and is responsible for a major fraction of the national productivity in international ISI journals in this area.

The research and development effort at the IA includes most of the topics at the forefront of research in Astrophysics and Space Sciences, complemented by work on instrumentation and systems with potential use in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

IA activities are structured around four Groups:
    1. Origin and Evolution of Stars and Planets
    2. Galaxies, Cosmology, and the Evolution of the Universe
    3. Instrumentation and Systems
    4. Science Communication
and five Thematic Lines:
    1. Towards the detection and characterization of other Earths
    2. Towards a comprehensive study of stars
    3. The assembly history of galaxies resolved in space and time
    4. Unveiling the dynamics of the Universe
    5. Space and Ground Systems and Technologies

It is considered strategically important for IA to be optimally placed to contribute to the development and exploitation of large projects within the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Southern Observatory (ESO), besides other international initiatives.

The pre-application has to include the identification of at least one supervisor or co-supervisor among IA researchers. The pre-application is welcome to contact the leaders of the thematic lines (or directly any other researcher) to identify a (co-)supervisor and a PhD project:

     - Towards the detection and characterization of other Earths - Nuno Santos
     - Towards a comprehensive study of stars - Mário João Monteiro
     - The assembly history of galaxies resolved in space and time - José Afonso
     - Unveiling the dynamics of the Universe - Nelson Nunes
     - Space and Ground Systems and Technologies - Manuel Abreu

The list of PhD topics is available here. Other projects may be available after contacting IA and the Thematic Line Leaders.

Pre-applications should include:
  • cover letter with a brief description of the candidate's motivation and an indication of the geographical location where the candidate would like to carry out the research work (either Porto, Lisbon, or any of the two), as well as the name(s) of the supervisor(s) (max. 2 pages);
  • curriculum vitae (up to 4 pages) and complete list of publications (if applicable);
  • a complete list of curricular units (for University level courses - undergraduate and graduate) completed and respective grades;
  • acceptance letter form the supervisor in IA including a title for the PhD project (max. 1 page);
  • name and contact of up to two referees available to provide information about the candidate (to be contacted if necessary).

Each proposal will be reviewed by the selection committee. Following a positive outcome of the pre-selection the candidate may proceed with the submission of her/his application to FCT, with the support of IA. The deadline for submission of applications at the FCT web site is the 28th of March 2019, 17:00 WET (18:00 CET).

The selection committee doesn't commit to give an answer in due time for pre-applications submitted after the 18th 22nd of March.

All applications must follow the FCT regulations for research grants.

For inquires please contact coordenacao@iastro.pt.

Please use the link at the bottom of this page to submit your pre-application.

Selection Committee
Alexandre Cabral
Elisa Delgado Mena
Jarle Brinchmann
José Afonso

Manuel Abreu
Mário J. P. F. G. Monteiro
Nelson Nunes
Nuno C. Santos
Noemi Frusciante
Polychronis Papaderos

Publication Date
6th of March, 2019

The period for application submission has ended for this opportunity.
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